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Mojo Jojo PicklesMojo Jojo Pickles

Mojo Jojo Pickles is a canning company that creates new-style urban brinned goodies and specialty preserve. Our preserves are hand packed in small batches from the best of season, lots of creativity, and some hip and cheeky fun. We like to take tradition and turn it on it’s ear. When you open a jar of Mojo’s it should always be “something your momma don’t make”. Our most popular products are our dill pickled turnip, cantelouped carrots, and beet caviar.
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Reclaim Urban FarmReclaim Urban Farm

Reclaim Urban Farm grows quality greens and veggies in the heart of Edmonton. Farmers Ryan and Cathy are passionate about good food and good soil, so they turn empty back and front yards, garden spaces, and vacant lots in the Whyte Avenue area into beautiful and productive places to grow food. They use low impact gardening practices, fertilizing with compost and mostly watering with stored rain. In exchange for land, Reclaim offers landowners a weekly box of seasonal produce. They also sell seasonal salad mixes and unique varieties of greens, radishes, beets, carrots, and squash to local restaurants, markets, and chefs.


Riverbend GardensRiverbend Gardens

For three generations (and we’re on to the fourth!) we’ve tilled the soil on this farm on the banks of the North Saskatchewan river, producing healthy, local food for families in the Edmonton area. We have 120 acres of farmable land and we grow more than 20 kinds of vegetables. We believe the land is a gift we need to responsibly care for so that it may continue to provide us with healthy fresh food, now and in the future.


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This summer Get Cooking is moving it's kitchen from Kathryn's Riverbend home to a brand new commercial space at MacEwan University downtown. We expect to be open for business from mid-August and a brand new schedule of Fall classes and events will be online and available for booking by the end of July 2014. If you'd like to receive updates sign up for our newsletter and we'll keep you posted.