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At Get Cooking we work with the best and freshest ingredients available.  Because we focus on using ingredients of the highest quality, we finalize each class menu at the last minute, after the shopping’s been done!

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General Information

Scheduled classes at Get Cooking cost $139 per person plus GST, although occasionally we charge a little more for a class if the cost of ingredients is higher than usual, or for an All Day (6 hour plus) class.  The fee includes 4 hours or more of professional instruction in our purpose-built gourmet kitchen, including a substantial meal as you taste all of the dishes that we have made. And while you eat, you’ll get to drink pairings chosen to complement your food – from wine pairings picked by our friends at Enotri to cocktails shaken up by our bartender Happy J. Byrne.  You’ll take home printed copies of all the recipes that we make, as well as a resource list to help you find the ingredients that we use.  And finally, once you’re at home trying those recipes by yourself, you can contact Kathryn any time for ongoing advice as you Get Cooking on your own.

For Group Bookings please contact us at for a quote based on the number of participants and your specific requirements.

Private Group Classes

The best parties always take place in the kitchen! So why not let Get Cooking host your special event? You can leave the planning and washing up to us! Choose either a hands on or a demonstration event, customized for you from our list of Class Offerings. Whether it’s an anniversary, a staggette, or just a girls’ or couples’ night out: whatever the occasion, we’ll plan an event that’s just right for you!

Class Descriptions

Get Cooking Global

Learn to cook the Italian way, using the freshest local fare to produce the time-honoured dishes that make Italian food our favourite cuisine. You may not have an Italian Nonna, but we can help you learn to cook as if you did!
Put some ooh lah lah into your cooking as we explore the bistros of France, from coast to coast. We’ll show you simple ways to reproduce the casual, homestyle bistro dishes that make French cuisine so great.
Let us take you on a culinary journey through the Iberian peninsula as you explore Spain’s diverse regional specialties, from the tapas of Andalucía, to the cazuelas of Cataluña, the paellas of Valenciana and beyond.
Seduce your taste buds with the aromatic herbs and spices of Southeast Asia as you learn to cook simple salads, stir-fries and curries for a royal Thai feast you can make at home.
If you’ve taken a Thai class at Get Cooking in the past, but are hungering for more, then look no further.  We’ve added More Thai so that those of you who have been, enjoyed, and want to learn (and eat) some more can book another Thai class and add some new dishes to your repertoire!  Once again, we’ll be seducing your taste buds with the aromatic herbs and spices of Southeast Asia.  This isn’t a follow-on from our ever popular Thai 1, rather a whole new menu for you to experience, including Tom Yam Gung, Green Papaya Salad and a southern style Massaman Curry.
Take the Spice Route to India as you learn to make your own sumptuous curries along with delicious fresh chutneys and accompaniments to match.
Real Mexican that is: we’re not talking Tex Mex here! Don your sombrero as you journey South to explore some of the regional specialties that make Mexican cuisine delicious and unique.
Let the heady perfume of the Spice Trail transport you to the markets of Marrakesh as you learn to prepare simple but delicious mezze, couscous and tagines.  We’ll be using cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, saffron and more, as we show you how to bring the flavours of North Africa into your own home kitchen.
Korean food is all the rage and very trendy right now.  But trends aside it’s absolutely delicious, so while we’re rarely trend-driven here at Get Cooking, just this once we’re getting onboard.  We’ll be exploring Kimchi … of course!  But also a range of Korean specialties like Doenjang Pork, Bibimbap and Chicken Wings with Gochujang. We’re very excited to be offering this new addition to our repertoire, and look forward to sharing Korean cooking with you.
Come join us for Cook Chinese, and let us take you on a journey through the diverse regional cuisines of this extraordinary and vast nation.  We’ll be exploring dishes from Canton to Sichuan, with a selection of appetizers, stir-fries, soups and braises to entice and satisfy your appetite for the taste of China.

Get Cooking Local

We’re delighted to be able to welcome Brenda Barritt of Earth Works Farm for a full day cooking with the Heritage Breed meats that Brenda raises together with her husband, Vance.  The Barritt’s farming practices are guided by what they have learned through Permaculture and Holistic Management, and they specialize in raising Heritage Breed poultry, cattle and pigs.  As we cook, Brenda will inspire you with her story and her passion for farming holistically.
We’re delighted to be able to welcome Nicola Irving of Irvings Farm Fresh for a full day cooking Irving Farm’s delicious Berkshire Pork.  Berkshire Pork is renowned for its juicy, flavourful, tender meat, and we’ll be working with as many cuts as we can fit.
Join Kathryn and special guest John Schneider of Gold Forest Grains as we cook up a Sunday Brunch extravaganza featuring Gold Forest Grains’ fabulous freshly milled local grains.  You are guaranteed to be inspired by John and his wealth of knowledge and passion for farming organic, heritage grains.
Vicky and Shayne Horn of Tangle Ridge Ranch will be joining us as we cook up a feast of lamb from their wonderful farm.  At Tangle Ridge, Shayne & Vicky  pasture-raise their flock of  hair sheep.  And because of the low lanolin content in their coats, hair sheep produce a mildly-flavoured meat.

Get Cooking Simple

We’ll be working our way through a series of quick and delicious gourmet dishes that are as easy as they are tasty, using a selection of fresh and seasonal ingredients.  In just 30 minutes you can prepare dishes that are fresh and elegant, but simple too.  Wow your family every day after you learn to Get Cooking with 30-Minute Meals!

Get Cooking Masterclasses

Join us as we cook up a taste of the sea, with a menu of delicious fish and seafood dishes for you to enjoy.  From shellfish to whole fish, we’ll walk you through choosing, buying and cooking fresh fish.  I’ll be sure to include some local lake fish in your class.
Join us for a night of desserts, just desserts.  Sweet!  We’ll look at fruit-based desserts, custards, soufflés, ice creams & sorbets and more.  You can count on a Sticky Toffee Pudding, it’s our house favourite, so it’s on the menu for sure!  And some chocolate, whether it’s in a soufflé, or a cake, or a mousse.  And through the night we’ll be serving up a selection of delicious sweet wines to go with.
Learn to make your own Pasta Fresca, and to cook both fresh and dried pasta with flair! We’ll get you making and cooking pasta with simple everyday sauces that are as delicious as they are easy to make. And we’ll challenge you with some more complex dishes, like lasagna made the traditional Bolognese way.
Nourish your family and friends with our slow cooked stews, inspired by an array of dishes from around the world. Stews are a Get Cooking specialty following on from Kathryn’s involvement in Stewed! in the UK!
Get ready to party, as we walk you through a sumptuous selection of finger foods and small bites that you can make at home to give your parties professional oomph without the professional help!

Cook Vegetarian

Join us for a menu inspired by what’s fresh at the Farmers’ Market that week.  We’ll be cooking up a feast of Vegetarian fare with the freshest local produce as we create a delicious array of salads, soups, stews and much, much more!
Join Michelle  as she cooks her way around the Indian sub-continent. There are so many delicious Vegetarian dishes to explore!  Michelle has drawn on her family’s culinary heritage to put together our  menu, and you’ll be treated to a selection of sumptuous dishes that will get your taste buds tingling.
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