New at Get Cooking! Master Chef: A Day with Doreen Prei & Kathryn Joel

Last Saturday we held our inaugural Master Chef: A Day with Doreen Prei & Kathryn Joel. We enjoyed it so much that we’ve decided to do it again: four times each year! If you join us for our Spring class on June 3rd, you can expect a full day immersed in advanced culinary techniques with a seasonal focus. And if you loved your first experience, then you can come again, since each season’s class will focus on new ingredients and new skills.

IMG_5109Last Saturday we started the day at the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market, where Kathryn introduced the class to a handful of our favourite producers. We picked up sunchokes at August Organics, wild mushrooms, a black truffle, samphire and sour cherries at MoNa Food, eggs at Sunworks Farm, wheat berries at Gold Forest Grains, and wrinkled cress and arugula at West Country Herbs. Then we headed over to Acme Meat Market for an informative introduction to local butchery by proprietor Corey Meyer before making our way to Get Cooking armed with a boxful of grassfed beef.

Back at Get Cooking, we were met by our friend Pat Batten, proprietor of Ocean Odyssey Inland. Pat arrived with a whole, fresh Icelandic Halibut which we filleted under the IMG_5014tutelage of our own Chef Doreen Prei. Then we hot smoked it gently, and served it up  with poached eggs and hollandaise for a delicious midday brunch. And, while we cooked our brunch, we learned how to poach eggs, prepare a hollandaise, and hot smoke our own fresh fish.

Then it was time to make dinner! We spent the afternoon honing an aresenal of skills as we prepped for our evening meal: we added cold smoking to our culinary repertoire, as well as clarification, how to make a demi-glace, braising (beef cheeks), handling offal (kidneys, heart and tongue), pasta making, custards, sorbets and more. And at the end of the day we all sat down to enjoy together the fruits of our labour, paired beautifully with a selection of wine parings chosen by Juanita Roos of Color de Vino. We chose our menu carefully, since our goal was to celebrate both technical skills and local ingredients. And as we sat down to enjoy the following menu, we felt that we met our goals!

Scampi Tempura | Scampi Broth | Wild Mushrooms | Samphire

Beef Cheek & Offal Ragu | Smoked Pasta | Sunchoke Espuma | Fresh Black Truffle

White Chocolate Creme Brulee | Sour Cherry Sorbet